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Call for a fast and accurate certified real estate appraisal of your Connecticut home. We serving statewide for decades in New Haven, Fairfield, Hartford, Middlesex, Litchfield, Tolland, Windham, and New London counties. There's value in what you put into your home over the years. Don't risk those key details being missed by a less experienced CT property appraiser.

Private Appraisals

Whether you're divorcing, filing for bankruptcy, need an estate appraisal, or want to know the worth of your home, we are here to help. Scroll down to find out what specialty appraisal you need.

A 1998 federal law requires lenders to allow you to drop your PMI once you have 20% equity in your home. To drop your private mortgage insurance you need a real estate appraisal.

We know the process can be overwhelming. Our certified FHA appraisers have the knowledge to handle the complexities of the FHA guidelines.

Relocation can be stressful. Whether you're moving your home or transferring jobs, you want a qualified certified appraiser to provide the service and we're just that.

Investors lose money on foreclosures because they do not know how  to determine the market value on property. We can help you make an informed decision.

Determine the value of your property tax to find out what your property taxes should be to prevent paying more than you need to.

Figure out the value of your deceased loved one's Connecticut home with our certified appraisal. During these trying times, we can establish what your tax liability and inheritance are.

Discover the fair market value on your Connecticut property with a real estate appraisal to fulfill the valuation of assets or property requirements.

When you’re going through a trying time, we can help you through the tough process of valuing and appraising your CT home accurately and fairly.


Ensure the price you’re paying for real estate in Connecticut is fair so you're not being taken advantage of.

When a lender tells you no appraisal is necessary the consequences could be substantial. Appraisals are an unbiased opinion of value. Get peace of mind at a reasonable fee.



  • “ABC Appraisals Inc. really did a great job assessing my Meriden house in Connecticut. They were quick, reasonably priced and professional. The appraisal was really detailed, more so than others I have had in the past. It meant getting the most from the sale of my house. Thank you Kenny, at ABC Appraisers!”

    - Robert Burns, New Haven, CT

  • “When my father passed the maze of getting valuations was tough. I felt really supported with the help from Lenny D’Agostino of ABC with my private real estate property appraisal. Turns out that I didn't have to pay as much taxes as originally stated. I must admit, getting experienced guidance really helped with my tax appeals later on. ABC Appraisals are simply long-time experts in the field and are really thorough. Not all are the same - Big Time! ”

    - J Carey, New London County, CT 

  • If you need a CT real estate appraisal firm, consider:

    "ABC Appraisers Inc! ABC has done many appraisals over the last 20 years for my husband’s company; a business originally heavily involved in buying packages of residential homes at auctions, from lenders, and via MLS brokers as investments. We bought in Madison, Guilford, Old Lyme, Middletown, Groton, all over the Connecticut state. So finding an experienced real estate appraiser who could do statewide was key. He has always praised their professionalism, great turn-around, and quality of work. But for me...I was so very impressed with ABC’s ability to do an outstanding appraisal for our residential home New Haven County’s Cheshire, CT. When we sold our home over three years ago, homes over a million dollars were difficult to prove value. But ABC Appraisers made it happen with a qualified appraisal to support our just shy of full price offer. Thank you ABC Appraisers! You know the business better than anyone!"

    - Kathie Welch, Cheshire, CT

  • "I wanted to stay in-between Trumbull and Hartford, CT and buy a home in Wallingford, CT, but I really needed to know its value and the bank required an appraisal as well. I was buying from a private owner and did not have a realtor. We were under the gun with timing and watching what we spent. ABC Appraisals made all the difference in a stressful time for me and they got me my appraisal at a reasonable price for their work and with an outstanding appraisal that was easy to read, delivered in a very timely fashion and clearly a great product with the needed details to support the value. I am grateful!"

    - Terry Johnson