Tax Appeal Appraisals in CT


Fight an unfair property tax bill with a tax appeal appraisal. When your city tax appraiser assesses your Connecticut home, and you think it’s too high, arm yourself with a thorough, expert estate appraiser with the flexibility to work statewide. You'll find these professionals at ABC Appraisal Inc., who work primarily in the Hartford, New Haven, and Trumbull areas, including Middlesex, New London, Litchfield, Tolland, Windham and Fairfield counties in CT. They will provide you with an accurate, fair market value to determine what your tax assessment should be.

An ABC tax appeal appraisal is different from a standard CT real estate appraisal. The purpose is to assess the property’s value solely for tax assessment purposes. It includes details of your CT property location, square footage, comparative analysis (comps), your home’s condition, and any recent improvements or repairs and more. Working with ABC, licensed estate appraisers in CT, ensure that your evaluation includes all the necessary details and information to better assess how much property tax you should be paying. You don't want to risk any specific detail being missed by appraisers who are inexperienced with the tax appeal real estate valuation process.

ABC is a long-established firm that has been taking care of real estate appraisals all over Connecticut for over fifty years. Not many firms or individuals can mirror that statewide service and long-time expertise in Connecticut. A keen eye ensures that all details are considered and crucial points are recorded and accounted for inside your CT real estate property appraisal.

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